lundi 21 janvier 2019

What are macadamia nuts good for?

Macadamia nuts are a nutritious food with many potential benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease and possibly helping prevent cancer. Learn more about the benefits of macadamia nuts, as well as some drawbacks to be aware of, here.

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What to know about essential amino acids

Amino acids help the body maintain optimal health. They are part of many foods, including meat, fish, beans, and nuts. Learn more about essential amino acids here.

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Steiner schools aren’t cranky – we develop heart, head and soul | Letters

Readers respond to Zoe Williams’ article about Steiner schools and the free school agenda

Zoe Williams (These Steiner ‘failures’ are really a failure of the free school agenda,, 18 January) is wrong to imply that Steiner schools endorse the sometimes odious views of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner himself argued against this. This misconception is as ridiculous as saying that Britain’s most esteemed schools still promote the views of founders who may have traded slaves or opposed votes for women.

Steiner schools attract a diverse group of parents who are highly committed to their children’s learning because they use an understanding of child development to first build learning capacity and then accelerate academic leaning. These principles are not a “hippy cocktail” and have stood the test of time since the opening of the first Steiner school.

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Prince Philip and telling your dad to give up driving | Letters

The assumption that reaction speeds get slower as we age may not be correct, says Terry Sheppard. The royals will have their work cut out trying to persuade Philip to stop driving, writes Peter Bardsley. Plus letters from Alan Weeks, Michael Peel and Toby Wood

Your leader comment on road safety (The moral of the duke’s story, 19 January) that reactions get slower as we age may not be correct.

At one time in my career I was responsible for safety and training in a very large road haulage fleet. At regular sessions with seasoned HGV drivers, we included a go on a reaction test machine. We systematically recorded the time taken to apply a “footbrake” on a red signal light. There was no difference whatsoever between drivers of all ages between 25 and 65. The older bodies got the brake on just as quick as the younger ones.

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Dmu d'aphérèse plasma - Trima Accel Automated Blood Collection System, Terumo BCT Inc - Information de sécurité

L'ANSM a été informée de la mise en œuvre d’une action de sécurité effectuée par la société Terumo BCT Inc.
Les utilisateurs concernés ont reçu le courrier ci-joint (21/01/2019) application/pdf (305 ko).

Cette action de sécurité est enregistrée à l’ANSM sous le n° R1820614.

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