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Peanut allergy debate continues

The prevalence of food allergy continues to increase. Deaths from anaphylaxis fortunately are rare but often have a high profile in the media. With appropriate allergy avoidance and keeping your adrenalin pen always at hand, a tragic and unnecessary death should be avoidable. The Archivist has always been a bit confused about the role and safety of immunotherapy in peanut allergy. It takes quite a commitment and once a patient has been desensitised, they have to continue eating peanuts to maintain that status even if they don’t like peanuts! So it is a big commitment. Chu et al. (Lancet 2019 have completed a systematic review and meta-analysis of efficacy and safety or oral immunotherapy. They have examined over 1000 patients with peanut allergy from 12 studies. They have demonstrated that, over a follow-up for 5.8 years, with high certainty evidence, that compared with allergen avoidance or placebo...

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Quality of life of children with tuberous sclerosis complex

Outcome of vein of Galen malformation presenting in the neonatal period

'The FA didn't stop him': The long road to justice for Bob Higgins' abuse victims

Cultivation of father-figure role allowed coach to get away with sexual abuse of boys for decades

Bob Higgins was the star-maker, the super-coach. He worked with the likes of the former England great Alan Shearer, the Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier and the ex Chelsea skipper Dennis Wise when they were promising juniors, hungry for success.

He was admired – loved is not too strong – by the impressionable schoolboys who believed he was the gatekeeper to the world of football. They were “Bob’s boys”, hanging on his every word, following him around Pied Piper-like.

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Football coach Bob Higgins guilty of 45 counts of indecent assault

Former Southampton and Peterborough coach convicted of offences against 23 boys

A former football coach who helped launch the careers of a string of household names has been found guilty of sexually abusing schoolboy players.

Bob Higgins, who worked with hundreds of youngsters, was found guilty of 45 charges of indecent assault against teenage boys at Bournemouth crown court.

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