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What's the link between dairy and acid reflux?

Although dairy is not a recognized cause of acid reflux, some people who consume dairy products may experience acid reflux. Learn why here.

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Christmas shoppers warned of danger of fake toys

Unsafe toys expected to flood market before Christmas as ‘must-have’ products sell out

Christmas shoppers are being warned not to buy fake and potentially dangerous toys, which can contain toxic materials, damage hearing and pose choking or strangulation hazards.

The Local Government Association, which represents councils in England and Wales, is warning that counterfeit, unsafe toys typically flood the market in the run-up to Christmas as criminals exploit a surge in demand for “must-have” and sold-out items.

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‘Not a dry eye’: entire kindergarten class shows up to witness boy's adoption

Classmates of five-year-old Michael Clark Jr sat in the courtroom holding paper hearts on sticks in support

Five-year-old Michael Clark Jr sat facing a judge in a Michigan courthouse with his entire kindergarten class in the pews behind him in solidarity. Each one of them held up a pink or red paper heart, some of them barely able to see above the wooden barrier dividing the courtroom.

“There is not a dry eye in Judge Patricia Gardner’s courtroom,” Kent county, Michigan, posted on its Facebook page on Thursday as Michael and 36 other children were officially adopted. Michael became a foster child to Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton a year ago, according to local news station, before formally being adopted by them this week.

Michael wanted to make his adoption day even more special, so he invited a lot of friends. #13OYS #BeOn13 #AdoptionDay #WestMichigan #LocalNews

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Strip-searches are a form of state-sanctioned violence that must stop | Peta Malins

Let’s bring in reforms to ensure our children and young people no longer have to endure the toxic brutality of these practices

One of the most important lessons I have taught my two young children is that they do not have to give anyone a hug or kiss unless they want to. They understand their capacity to say no, and the importance of respecting a no when they hear it from others. They also know that certain parts of their body are private and that no one has the right to ask if they can see or touch them. In short, they already understand ideas of bodily autonomy, agency and consent.

The value in giving kids the tools to negotiate and assert bodily boundaries from an early age is now widely acknowledged in academic and parenting literature. These skills are crucial for navigating healthy and safe relationships – including sexual relationships – later in life, and reducing the chances of experiencing, or perpetrating, sexual abuse and assaults.

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SOLUMEDROL 120 mg/2 ml, lyophilisat et solution pour usage parentéral - Rupture de stock

Laboratoire exploitant Pfizer
Origine du signalement
Date de signalement à l'Ansm 01/01/1970
Observations particulières
  • Rupture de stock en ville de la spécialité SOLUMEDROL 120 mg/2 ml, lyophilisat et solution pour usage parentéral - boîte 1 flacon et 1 ampoule de 2 ml

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