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The Guardian view on children’s homes: on the edge of chaos | Editorial

Auctions for places, and a pattern where increasing numbers of children are moved out-of-borough, indicate that the system has failed

At the last count, there were 7,890 children in England being cared for in a children’s home, a secure unit or semi-independent accommodation, with a further 1,080 in settings such as residential special schools. The children’s homes that care for the majority of these young people probably bear only a passing resemblance to popular stereotypes, which range from sentimental to dystopian. Around three-quarters of English children’s homes are run for profit, with most of the rest run by councils. Between three and four beds is the most usual size, and Ofsted rates most as good or outstanding. Since the 1970s, when 40,000 children (40% of all those in care) lived in children’s homes, residential care has fallen out of favour. Foster and kinship care is now seen as preferable in most circumstances, but the remaining children’s homes provide an important service and many continue to do this difficult work well.

The system as a whole, however, is in the midst of a crisis produced by marketisation, and the local authority’s reinvention as a shopper seeking a bargain. Since 2010, a bad situation has been made dramatically worse by cuts to council budgets, which have increased pressure on prices to a point at which smaller providers struggle (and fail) to compete. Hedge funds and private equity increasingly dominate, as they do in the wider social care sector. An acute shortage of secure unit places, which one judge said had driven him to his “wits’ end”, is having an impact on the sector as a whole.

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London women tell UN poverty envoy about impact of welfare cuts

Residents of deprived Newham describe domestic abuse and hunger to Philip Alston

Women in London have told the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty they are bearing the brunt of government welfare cuts, and described how austerity has left infants homeless and exacerbated problems including overcrowded housing and domestic violence.

More than a dozen women addressed Philip Alston at a highly charged meeting in Newham, east London, and urged him to tackle British ministers over the disproportionate effects of eight years of cuts on women.

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ERWINASE 10 000 UI/flacon, poudre pour solution pour injection - Rupture de stock

Laboratoire exploitant Jazz Pharmaceuticals France SAS
Origine du signalement
Date de signalement à l'Ansm 01/01/1970
Observations particulières

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Vitamin D, fish oil supplements of little benefit to heart health

Two large new clinical trials have examined the benefits of vitamin D and fish oil supplements for staving off heart disease and cancer.

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Oxygénateur de CEC - Quadrox-i Neonatal Microporous Membrane Oxygenator - Maquet Cardiopulmonary AG - Information de sécurité

L'ANSM a été informée de la mise en œuvre d’une action de sécurité effectuée par la société MAQUET Cardiopulmonary AG. Les utilisateurs concernés ont reçu le courrier ci-joint (12/11/2018) application/pdf (145 ko).

Cette action de sécurité est enregistrée à l’ANSM sous le n° R1817523.

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