jeudi 12 juillet 2018

Bargain teddy bear offer sparks violent scenes across Britain

Chaos breaks out after Build-A-Bear Workshop closes doors when supplies run out

A marketing ploy to get more shoppers into a toy store had to be abandoned after it caused huge queues and outbreaks of violence across Britain, with would-be consumers battling to get their hands on a bargain teddy bear.

Build-A-Bear Workshop was offering UK customers the chance to buy any bear, which can cost up to £52, for the price of their child’s age.

At the @buildabear #payyourage event. We've moved 20 feet in 45 minutes. #BuildABear = #BuildANightmare

One shopper got in the Build-A-Bear queue at 7.10am and said there were at least 50 people waiting when she left.
Now the wait is more like 6 hours

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from Children | The Guardian

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